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This is what it’s like to cruise on the world’s largest superyacht


If an invite-only rooftop lounge or hidden basement club doesn’t feel exclusive enough for you, there’s now a luxury yacht that is being called the “world’s largest floating private members’ club.”

Quintessentially One, as the 720-foot yacht will be called, will go around the world all year, popping up at select high-profile events. The yacht will not only host exclusive parties, but also have an onboard restaurant and hotel where rooms start at about $2,500 per night.

(Courtesy of Quintessentially)

The yacht is run by Quintessentially, a luxury concierge service which provides services like restaurant reservations, tickets to sold-out events, and opulent travel planning. Membership to the service costs about $18,700 per year.

The yacht will dock where the ultra-wealthy tend to congregate — like the Cannes Film Fest, Monaco Grand Prix, Rio’s Carnival, etc. — and offer overnight accommodations.

“Where the traditional cruise model is to go somewhere, dock and get off, we will dock and people will want to get on,” Aaron Simpson, Quintessentially’s co-founder and chairman, told The Guardian.

The “superyacht” will include 12 residential suites and 112 “lower berth” rooms in a boutique hotel. Guests onboard the yacht will have access to a library, spa, gym, marina, “beach area,” shopping, and a bar/nightclub.

The yacht cost about $264 million to construct. About one-fifth of that was provided by five millionaire friends, who will each have their own suites aboard the vessel.

The ship is scheduled to make its maiden voyage in 2019. source


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