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Best Google Daydream deals for March 2017


Bringing you the best Google Daydream deals to go with your Google Pixel phone

The HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift aren’t for everyone. Mobile VR is the future and Google knows it.

Google Daydream, for now, works on Pixel and Pixel XL phones but is designed to be compatible with other Daydream handsets going to be launched. Its design is similar to that of Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard, there are no new flashy features.

But what it can offer is a large following of gaming developers and with YouTube already supporting Google Cardboard, we are more likely to see virtual reality videos on mobile headsets than on the likes of Rifts or Vives.

Compared to other mobile headsets, the Daydream is notably smaller, lighter and portable, thanks to it’s foam body. It is discrete and comfortable to wear, applying more weight to your forehead than cheeks.

The holder for the phone ensures a smooth set up. Small plastic placeholders secures the phone is central and the NFC chip automatically launches it into VR once in place.

Best Google Daydream deals
If you’re in to gaming or watching videos, own a Pixel/Pixel XL phone or are thinking about getting one, then the Google Daydream is a must have accessory.  For the cost and effort and a promise of developing 50 Daydream apps by the end of the year, it’s an easy passport into virtual reality land.

Expect to pay £69/$79 for the Google Daydream and is available direct from Google store. Keep checking this page as we update our deals everyday, twice a day. source


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