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Welcome to Toy Aisle, io9’s Weekly Round-Up of the Newest Toys and Collectibles

image gizmodo.com

It’s never been a worse time for your wallet if you have a predilection for buying rad toys and pop culture merchandise. There are so many cool things around, io9 is starting Toy Aisle: a brand new weekly column of the best and newest toys and collectibles. We’re kicking off with a very fancy Spider-Gwen, Plush Lego, and more!

Joining Spider-Man in Revoltech’s line of ridiculously poseable toys will be Spider-Gwen.

image gizmodo.com

The six-inch figure—due out in June in Japan for around $50—will come with a bunch of accessories, including an unmasked face, various web attachments, and Gwen’s most useful tool of all, her mobile phone. The figure itself is cool, but my absolute favorite thing is the unintentional spelling error in her promo picture that says she’s talking to “Spider-Dig” rather than “Spider-Pig”. The next great spidey hero yet to come? [Toyark]

source http://io9.gizmodo.com/welcome-to-toy-aisle-io9s-weekly-round-up-of-the-newes-1792819061


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