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Call of Duty rumored to go back to WWII theme as opposed to Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty rumored to go back to WWII theme as opposed to Modern Warfare

It’s that time of the year when rumors and leaks surrounding Call of /duty seem to surface. The latest being a possible return to the WWII theme which was highly appreciated and loved, fingers crossed it isn’t a hoax

Call of Duty which debuted backed in 2007, started its journey with WWII themed game but later made the to present day warfare with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. While fans seemed to love the change initially they quickly began to get bored with the annual franchise which seemed to be making less significant innovations. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most fans eventually started hating the once loved game.

Things got worse when the game got so futuristic and far-fetched when that it started introducing weapons which shot out lasers it lost the realistic feel and made users feel disconnected.

Several fans and users have for years, been asking the company to bring the series back to its roots. With this latest leak, users are sure to be anxiously waiting for a confirmation that this isn’t just a hoax.

Assuming it isn’t a hoax it sure looks like the company has taken its users request fairly seriously and have brought back the WWII themed Call of Duty.

While we are hoping it isn’t a hoax it is difficult not to be skeptical until an official announcement is made, as such rumors do surface now and then.

The artwork which was released and caught our eye seems to be a live action image of soldiers on a WWII battlefield. With the Call of Duty: WWII, title below the soldiers in the image, none the less you can be rest assured we will keep you posted with the latest updates as and when we get them.

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