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Apple to replace iPad 4th gen with iPad Air 2: Report


NEW YORK: Customers who need to replace their fourth generation iPad will now get a newer and more capable iPad Air 2 as a substitute from Apple Stores and authorised service providers, a media report said.

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Apple is doing this because the company has no stock left of the ageing and now discontinued fourth generation iPad, 9to5Mac website reported on Saturday.

Apple has also asked its staff to inform customers of the replacement unit’s colour and capacity.

The iPad Air 2 introduced a new gold colour option, and has 32GB and 128GB storage options while 16GB and 64GB models were discontinued.

For that reason, the users may receive a slight upgrade in storage when getting a replacement in addition to the device’s newer and more powerful internals overall.

Apple has always been known for its steep prices. From phones to computers, tablets to cases, if it’s coming from Apple, it will probably be one of the priciest options available.

This reputation for being expensive has spawned a nickname that has become popular with critics of the company: “Apple tax.” The thinking went that customers were willing to pay more to have the famous Apple logo adorn their products.

Recently, however, we have reported that Apple seems to be backing away from its expensive image – offering its Apple Watch and AirPods at competitive prices that won’t break the bank.

Late last month, the technology giant launched its new standard iPad that is priced at Rs 28,900. This might truly mark the beginning of a new era for Apple, so we thought it would be fitting to look back on some of the most expensive products that the company has ever offered. Less

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