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Mobile technology helping the travel industry

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Mobile is certainly not a new phenomenon in the travel industry and has helped many travel companies – which can include travel agents, airlines, rail and bus companies – stay afloat and compete successfully.

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Travel companies have felt the ill effects of the economic downturn with families and businesses cutting down on travel and searching for less expensive alternatives. This has caused some to fail and others to flourish as they try to adapt to changes in the industry.

Mobile technologies have been a beacon of hope for many within the travel industry. Not only does it help businesses cut those burdensome costs and improve efficiencies, but they are also able to utilise mobile technology to improve the overall customer experience – helping companies compete and win new customers!

So, how is mobile technology helping travel companies?

Mobile technology has changed the way people plan, research and book their travel arrangements which is creating a new way for travel agents to capture customers. A recent study conducted by Nielson shows that almost half of mobile travel searches carried out in the UK end up in a booking or reservation with almost 1 in 3 doing so through their mobile devices. Travel agents can design a mobile friendly website and / or app to tailor services towards people using mobile devices, creating an edge over competitors who are failing to respond.

A key factor for any successful travel company is to deliver an excellent customer service and develop strong relationships with customers.  Apps are providing a valuable way for travel agents to achieve this goal. You will find many apps which help customers find travel options and book via a mobile device, but there are also specific apps for travel agents such as allowing travel agents to retrieve and change any bookings whilst out and about. This ensures they are able to maintain an excellent customer service, by offering round the clock care.

Apps can also be used to improve the customer experience when on holiday. For example, travel agencies are able to provide guides to help customers find attractions, good restaurants and night life or how to get around whilst in the country.

Mobile technology can also open doors for repeat business. Travel companies can now send tailored promotions directly to a customer’s mobile, increasing the chances the message will be read and helping drive demand during quiet periods. By tailoring promotions, travel agencies are able to interact in a more personal way with customers and send more relevant promotions.

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