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Entertain : American Ninja Warrior season 9 Show


American Ninja Warrior called in Joe Moravsky, Michelle Warnky, Jon Alexis Jr., and more fantastic athletes to challenge the Cleveland course.

From the opening segment on, American Ninja Warrior‘s Cleveland qualifying round put women in the spotlight. But the course, as always, was merciless. Woman or man, newcomer or long-time ninja, it’s all about they tackle the obstacles.

Tonight’s were the Floating Steps, the Rolling Log, Razor’s Edge, the Ring Jump, the I-Beam Gap, and the Warped Wall. As we noted in our preview, the I-Beam Gap involves a jump, but it’s a full six-and-a-half foot jump, just in case you thought it would be too easy.

The results of tonight’s shown runs are as follows:

  • College student Michael Nowoslawski: Missed the jump off of the Ring Jump.
  • Physical therapist Shanon Paglieri: Rolled off the Rolling Log.
  • Fitness instructor Mark Ribeiro: The I-Beam Gap proved too much.
  • Nursing student Annika Nieshalla: Didn’t survive the Ring Jump.
  • Gym owner Michelle Warnky: Surprisingly went down at the Ring Jump.
  • Comedian (and Matt Iseman’s buddy) P.J. Walsh: Slid down on the Razor’s Edge.
  • Teacher Allyssa Beird: Hit the buzzer in 6:20.32.
  • James “the Beast” McGrath: Finished the course right after his girlfriend in 3:22.10.
  • “Mustache Ninja” Lucio Battista: Lost his grip on the Ring Jump.
  • “Philly Phoenix” Najee Richardson: Burned the course in 3:28.58.
  • Accountant Sarah Poulin: Just hit the water on the Rolling Log.
  • Firefighter Mike Bernardo: Made it through the course in 3:47.59, with his dad watching.
  • NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr.: Didn’t make it past the Ring Jump.
  • “Pocono Ninja” Matthew Guardo: Went barefoot after the Log, but made it all the way to the Ring Jump.
  • Joe Moravsky, “The Weatherman”: Lightning speed and a 2:32.77 finish.
  • Jesse “Flex” Labreck: Made it look easy in 4:22.06 and became the second woman to hit a buzzer on a single course, a record.

Other finishers: Jamie Rahn, Michael Torres, Anthony DeFranco, Chris DiGangi, Sean Noel, Dan Galiczynski, Judas Licciardello, and Tyler Cravens.

Advanced to the city finals by time: Matthew Ilgenfritz, Jon Alexis Jr., Mike Meyers, Cory Cook, Derek Mathews, Naeem Mulkey, Samer Delgado, Mark Ribeiro, Alexi Matousek, Kevin Weng, Patrick Lavanty, Steve Allen, Jonathan Angelilli, Mike Shuck, Fabio Figueiredo, and Daniel Arnold.

Women who advanced: Jesse Labreck, Allyssa Beird, Tori Clement, Michelle Warnky, and Annika Nieshalla.

source : https://fansided.com/2017/07/10/american-ninja-warrior-season-9-cleveland-qualifiers-recap/


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