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Best Beach Bags 2017

image : vogue.co.uk
Céline image : vogue.co.uk

BEACH bags used to be an after-thought – something you commandeered from friend’s summer beach house or retrieved from the depths of your wardrobe, squashed and misshapen and filled with sand. “That’ll do” was the beach bag mantra.

image : vogue.co.uk

It’s only for the beach, after all. That dictum was over as soon as the spring/summer 2017 season sprung into action.

COS image : vogue.co.uk

Loewe and Céline have rebranded the beach bag from an unloved receptacle of random summery items to a prized purchase worthy of an audience.

Mau Loa image : vogue.co.uk

Behold: the beach bag 2.0, souped up in vibrant vintage prints and rustic raffias, laden with craftsmanship (traditional Sicilian weaving or keffiyah shawl patterns have currency)and sprinkled with pom-poms. Which will you choose? Shop Vogue’s edit of the best beach bags to buy now.

Oklahoma image : vogue.co.uk

source : http://www.vogue.co.uk/gallery/best-beach-bags


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