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Tourists sprinting fast to bag sunbeds


Video Trends – Tourists sprinting fast to bag sunbeds

British holidaymakers were filmed sprinting like Usain Bolt just to bag themselves a sunbed close to the pool.
Every morning tourists queue from 7.30am before they are let loose with their towels at the resort in Gran Canaria.

The problem of sunbed bagging has got so bad, hotel staff have now been instructed to remove towels from loungers left empty for two or three hours.

One well-placed source at the hotel, where an estimated seven out of 10 guests are currently British, said: ‘The worst are definitely the Brits followed by the Irish and then some Canarians who are on holiday here and appear to have started to become infected by their behaviour.

I know the British have traditionally regarded the Germans as the worst offenders but our experience is that they have breakfast first and look for a sunbed after.
‘The pool opens at 8am and there’s always a queue of people waiting at this time of the year.
‘It’s a bit hard to fathom really because there’s enough sunbeds to go round.
‘We get guests laying their towels out in the morning and sometimes disappearing again till the afternoon.

The problem has been getting so bad recently that hotel staff are now under instructions to remove towels on sunbeds which have been unattended for two or three hours.’
Another insider added: ‘Guests need to try to understand that rather than bagging the best sunbeds, all they’re going to achieve if they carry on racing around the way they do in the mornings is an accident.’

Footage of the mad morning dash at the Servatur Waikiki appears to show holidaymakers ignoring the sunbeds furthest from the pool and making a beeline for those nearest the water.
One man in a white T-shirt and blue shorts with a white stripe down them can be seen throwing four towels on four different beds next to each other in the second row of sunbeds back from the pool.
Another man in a green top goes even better and bags four in the front row.


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